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Gliding Creator Mindy Mylrea Gliding Creator, Mindy Mylrea
Gliding was invented by award-winning fitness professional and mother of three, Mindy Mylrea.  Mindy worked for over 5 years creating the
Gliding system and the Gliding discs. These patented high-tech polymer discs gracefully move with your body so you get the workout without the work. It's easy to learn and it's fun!
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The secret is the amazing patented discs that allow for the graceful sliding movement.
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Shrink your waist! Shrink your buns! Shrink the fat away with the easiest, most fun new workout!
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The New Fitness Craze The New Fitness Craze!
Gliding is so effective everyone's talking about it. 

"These moves BLAST FAT in a fun
effective way." — Shape Magazine

Even the most popular gyms across the country can't get enough of Gliding.
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