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Fitness Professionals Weigh In On Gliding
"At Crunch, Gliding has been an amazing success.  It's easy to do. Our members love it and they've gotten great results."

— Donna Cyrus
National Director, CRUNCH Fitness
"I’ve had some great success stories with some of my personal training clients. 20 pounds, and that’s all she does Monday, Wednesday and Friday."

— Lawrence Biscontini
2004 IDEA Instructor of the Year
"I also get the wow, look at my body, look how great my legs look, how much stronger I am, I get all that kind of feedback. Your heart rate comes up because you’re working all the largest muscles groups in your body so that means you’re gonna burn more calories, which is great for weight loss."

— Keli Roberts
2003 IDEA International Fitness Instructor of the Year
"I have been in the fitness industry for 16 years and I have not ever seen such phenomenal results."

— Stephanie Loupe
ACE Certified Fitness Professional
"It's so easy to use, it’s such a simple piece of equipment that people don’t get intimidated by it. And it’s hot. It’s just hot. It’s just simple, it’s easy, it’s purple, it’s amazing, it’s just fun!"

— Manual Velazquez
AFAA Team Pro
"There is really high caloric expenditure. You know, people say I’m sweating so much. I say sweat is good, it means you’re burning fat. The results are in the body, you know, they can see it, they can see the definition, they can feel the tone and tightness in their muscles."

— Sherry Caitlin
2004 IDEA Fitness Program Director of the Year
"It doesn’t feel hard. It feels revitalizing!"

— Stacey Lei Krauss
ACE Certified Fitness Professional
"Is so easy to use, it really is and the benefits are just fabulous. I think what’s really cool is also trying to get into a pair jeans they havent gotten into in years, and they’re able to do that."

— Kim Miller
AFAA Fitness Instructor & International Presenter