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Gliding Success!

Gina Bundrick - Lost 80 Pounds!
"You'll be amazed when you look down at the scale once you've started your Gliding routines and you see the pounds melting away. You'll be amazed at how good your clothes feel on you, how much better you look. I was over 205 pounds. If I could lose all that weight through Gliding anybody can. There's nothing like that, give it a try.  It will definitely work for you."
Laurie Robins - Lost 88 Pounds!
"When you're that overweight and out of shape, what are you gonna do for exercise? I couldn't even go up my stairs. When I discovered the Gliding disks I realized I didn't have to lift my own weight.  The disks moved it for me."
Sheri Shon - Lost 40 Pounds!
"I couldn't look in the mirror at all to be honest with you... I didn't even want my husband to see me at all. So I wore big clothing to hide and I forgot who, who Sherry was. And I focused on work and everything else, everything but me. After I saw Mindy doing the exercises I bought everything I could and I couldn't wait to get started. And it wasn't long before I started seeing my clothes, you know, getting bigger and I'm going, oh my gosh, this is working, this is working.  People would ask me, what are you doing?  What are you doing? And I said, I'm using the Gliding discs"