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Hi, I'm Mindy Mylrea. I've been a fitness professional for over 20 years starring in workout videos and presenting at conferences all over the world.  But I'm also a busy mom of three active boys and I don't have lots of time for long complicated workouts. That's why I created Gliding.  It's quick, easy, burns lots of calories and can be done in those in-between times.

With my Gliding system, losing weight, flattening your abs and toning
your lower body is so fun, fast and easy. There's no fancy movements, no prior fitness experience necessary and no high-impact jumps and kicks. All you do is pop in the DVDs and follow along with the dynamic sequencing of my exclusive Gliding exercises.

My patented Gliding discs take the work out of workout. I've spent over 5 years testing and perfecting them so they would be lightweight, easy to use and deliver big results. There's no need for bulky expensive equipment
when you can get amazing muscle sculpting results with the simplicity of my Gliding system.

You've seen the success stories.  Women who've lost over 80 pounds, women who've felt sexy again. Women who've got their bodies back. Now it's your turn. You can do it.  I know you can. All you have to do is order now. I promise you'll be glad that you did.

— Mindy Mylrea
Gliding™ Creator
2004 Can Fit Pro International Presenter of the Year, 1999 International IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year, National and World Aerobic Champion